Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

Although facial aging may be the most visible to the world, over time, skin sags across all areas of the body. A loss of tautness in the behind is particularly bothersome to many folks. A tight, toned, and lifted bottom is a thing of beauty, a sign of youth, but time and gravity actively want to rob us of this valued asset. It takes consistent effort to fight this uphill battle.

Fortunately, you don’t have to accept having a droopy derriere and sagging skin. With Sculptra, you can achieve sexy, sculpted curves without invasive surgery.

Non-surgical Butt Lift With Sculptra

The FDA-approved dermal filler stimulates collagen production in the buttocks. When skin loses collagen, it becomes lax and saggy. Over time, there is less and less bounce and lift. Sculptra contains poly L-lactic acid, a biodegradable synthetic compound that is also biocompatible. This material helps gradually replace lost collagen, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and restore that youthful tight butt.

The Sculptra Process

If you want a tighter rear end with a higher lift, Sculptra may help you achieve your goals. To determine if a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift is the right option for you, schedule a consultation. During your initial visit, we will discuss your beauty goals, what you expect to achieve with Sculptra, and how many filler injections you will need. Two of the primary factors that will determine your treatment time are how many injections and the size of the treatment area.

To manage any pain or discomfort, a topical numbing gel is applied to the treatment area before the filler is injected. Typically, the only sensation that patients feel is a slight pinch. After the numbness wears off, there might be some minor discomfort around the injection site. Pain and sensitivity can be managed easily with an over the counter pain reliever.

Although visible results are seen almost immediately, it will take a couple of visits to achieve the optimal outcome. Typically, patients book 3–4 appointments, spaced out three weeks apart. Once all your treatments have been completed, you can show off your tight, sculpted curves for up to two years.

A toned, lifted butt with Sculptra treatment is non-invasive and does not require implants. In only a couple of visits, you can achieve the body you have been dreaming about.

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