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Welcome to Foyé MD and Spa in Houston, TX

Foyé MD and Spa & Wellness Clinic’s team of medical professionals has perfected the art of health and beauty. With over 40 years of medical experience and aesthetics combined, you are guaranteed excellent care with attention to your medical needs as well as beauty. With the combination of proven, FDA approved technology, we are able to provide our clients with real and measurable results in areas that count including hormonal balance, weight loss, laser hair removal and more.

At Foyé MD, we believe beauty is more than skin deep. Our medical expertise demands that we address the medical well being of every patient. While anti-aging is the primary focus of the majority of our patients, we are focused on the total patient’s health. The cornerstones of our service have always been, and always will be, the care and expertise of our specialists and our state-of-the-art technology.

Driven by innovation in medical beauty, we are able to deliver an utterly inimitable experience, complete with all the perks that only a premium establishment can offer.

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Dr. Foye Ikyaator

Dr. Foye Ikyaator


Dr. Foye Ikyaator earned her bachelors in Nutrition Science from The University of Georgia in 2005 with Honors. She subsequently studied medicine at University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health on a full academic scholarship. She was residency trained in Emergency Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine and is Board Certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

Like most physicians, she is passionate about providing excellent care to her patients. But after working full-time in several emergency rooms around Houston, she quickly realized that her true passion lay in making patients feel and look beautiful inside and out. This passion is what led her to create Foyé MD and Spa. Her dream was to create a space where patients could be treated for their medical concerns and walk out of her clinic feeling and looking amazing. Dr. Foye spends a majority of her clinical time educating her patients on disease prevention and management. She is also passionate about teaching medical students in her clinic.

Urgent Care Houston, TX

Have you or a loved one become ill or injured? Not sure whether you are in need of urgent care in Houston, TX? Don’t have access to a primary care physician? At Foyé MD and Spa, we are proud to offer urgent care in Houston for those in need of immediate medical treatment. Foyé MD and Spa provides a variety of urgent care treatment options capable of addressing a range of conditions, illnesses, and injuries. To schedule your appointment, simply contact our urgent care clinic in Houston. We’d be happy to get you on our schedule to receive the immediate medical care you deserve.

Houston Urgent Care Services

Are you suffering from an illness such as a cold, the flu, a stomach ache or even an ear infection? Foyé MD and Spa provides urgent care for illnesses and would be happy to provide you with fast and effective treatment. We can quickly diagnose a number of ailments and provide the proper treatment and medication to get you on your feet in no time.

Have you or a loved one been injured? For less severe injuries such as sprains, abrasions, cuts and even bumps, visit Foyé MD and Spa for urgent care near you. Not all injuries require an emergency room visit. Trusting in Foyé MD and Spa could save you time, stress, and money!

Pediatric Urgent Care in Houston

Is your child suffering from a rash or infection? Have they been injured, resulting in a cut, sprain or even laceration? Foyé MD and Spa also provides pediatric urgent care in Houston, TX for little ones in need of immediate medical care. Simply contact Foyé MD and Spa and let us know that your child is in need of Houston urgent care.

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Are you or a loved one in need of urgent medical care in Houston? Contact Foyé MD and Spa today to request an appointment. We would be more than happy to provide your family with exceptional, compassionate and prompt urgent care. We look forward to providing your family with the medical care you deserve!